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PROJECT RECIPE: Poached Egg over Spinach Polenta with Crispy Mushrooms

I found this gorgeous recipe on Pinterest, and gave it a try. I am constantly looking for interesting vegetarian recipes that satisfy a couple carnivores. The pictures pulled me in. Really, it’s very hard to resist images of runny egg yolks over polenta. For me, anyways.

ramp polenta poached egg

This recipe is from happy hearted kitchen. Whole foods, whole grains, whole hearted and right up my alley. I love sites like this. The recipes are just the way I like to cook. Simple ingredients that really shine because they are good quality ingredients. The pictures are worth a visit alone (but really, check out the poached egg and polenta, you won’t be sorry).

When I got ready to make this recipe, I was planning to use some spinach, but I had a bag of ramps. So, I just substituted those in the polenta. Because that’s how I roll. The oniony bite of ramps was a perfect backdrop for rich runny egg yolks.

PROJECT RECIPE verdict: Oh my God. Amazeballs. I don’t know if it was the ramps, that I for once perfectly poached an egg, or the recipe itself, but either way, I am going to recreate this dish. It will happen. You should try it, too. It was a quick and easy dinner perfect for Meatless Monday.

How I changed the recipe: Well, I mentioned that instead of spinach, I used ramps. I also didn’t have chervil or lemon zest for finishing the dish. If I would have, I’m sure this dish would have been even more amazing.

ramp polenta poached egg (2)

Click through the embedded links above to get the recipe for poached eggs over polenta. It’s definitely a recipe I’m going to make again–even if I have to use spinach. I’m sure it’s spot on regardless.

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  1. ok if I ever get to come to see and meet you were are going to have this… my goodness it looks wonderful and would be great with wild mushrooms and spinach…:)

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