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Date Night at Books and Brews

I love it when you think you’re going to be busy on a random Saturday, then plans fall through and you have the whole day free. Those days are a rare blessing.

That was the case last Saturday, and I wanted to make the most of it. I got a lot of little things done that I needed to do around the house and by late afternoon, I was all done and ready to go out on the town and do something fun.

Saturday afternoon was the Elk City Summer Daze event on the West Side, sponsored by Bully Trap Barber Shop, Kin Ship Goods, Super Weenie, and Mea Cuppa Coffee, among other businesses. I love Charleston’s small business scene, and it’s so nice that there is a whole community of folks who feel the same way. What better way to spend a hot Saturday afternoon than with live music, free hot dogs and beer, and games for the kids, in an alley blocked off on the West Side? It was a great event. We didn’t stay long, but the crowd was picking up as we were leaving, as the band was setting up. We were continuing our small business homage down in Hurricane at Books and Brews for dinner.

I don’t remember how I heard about this place, but it’s a specialty coffee shop in the a.m. and a cafe with craft beer and pizzas in the p.m. That, and it is basically a big library. It’s genius.


I mean… How could I not check this place out? I am such a coffee snob, and they have pour over. Pour over! And they have mostly local craft beer. These are two things I live for. Probably, more the fancy coffee.

It’s right on Main Street in Hurricane. It was so charming!


The walls are filled with bookshelves. And all kinds of different books. It would actually be a great place to spend a lazy Saturday morning drinking fancy coffee, browsing books.



Look at all those pour over implements! I really wanted to try it, but it was like 7 pm. I’d be up all night. I’ll just have to go back.

We got there just in time, it totally filled up not long after we put in our food order. There was live music at 8 p.m.

We got our craft beers and I looked for a book to flip through while we waited for our food.


I had Southern Tier Tangier Session IPA and the Hubs had his all-time favorite local beer, Big Timber IPA. They had quite a selection, however no draft beer. It was no big deal. The prices were really reasonable, too.


The menu is mostly pizza, with some sandwiches, salads and other snacks thrown in. One lady who came in after us ordered a grilled chicken salad that looked amazing. We decided to go with pizzas since that is what they are mostly known for from the kitchen.

All the pizzas are named for books, and the Hubs got Atlas Shrugged, which was buffalo chicken, parmesan and ranch.


I had Frankenstein, which was bacon, smoked pork, BBQ sauce, sour kraut and gouda cheese. It was amazing. The crust on these pizzas was nice and crispy. We gobbled up both are pizzas almost as soon as they arrived.


I really want to go back to try some of the sandwiches or maybe that salad that looked so good. We don’t leave Charleston just to go eat dinner very often, unless the place we’re heading is exceptional, and we may just have to hit this place up again. I REALLY want to try the coffee.

As we were leaving, the Hubs ordered a “Blender”, which is a frozen coffee drink with a candy bar-flavor shot. He got Reese Cup, and it was actually really good. Pretty sweet, but it hit the spot for dessert.




This place is adorable, and they have a solid business plan–sell super-fancy caffeine in the morning and local craft beers at night. How is this place not making a fortune?!? I would drop some serious coin there if I lived closer. As a matter of fact, I recommend you all go check it out. They pretty much have something for everyone.

*The fine print. I was NOT compensated for this post or for sharing my opinion. I didn’t even tell them I was going to write about the place. I hadn’t even decided to write about it until I took my first bite. But, it all worked out.

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  1. My granddaughter used to go there after school with her friends sometimes and have coffee and snacks. She loved it. I was there with her one time and had tea and scones. I loved it too. I especially liked the old books. Maddie loves to read and she and her friends thought the cozy atmosphere was reall “cool”.

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