I haven’t written in more than a month.

Honestly, I didn’t feel like it. I was burned out.

Burned out on summer. Burned out on writing. Burned out on salads.

So many salads. I feel like I ate salad every day for lunch since Memorial Day.

Funny how inspiration comes in unexpected places. I was eating the last of the lettuce and tomatoes that I had in the fridge for lunch about a week ago. Finally. I wasn’t going to buy any more. Since I was home on that particular day, I whipped up some vinaigrette from a little mirin, olive oil, sesame oil, pinch of salt and sesame seeds.


It was amazing. Just what this tired old salad needed–a little zip. Something unexpected.

I only wish I had the exact ratios of ingredients. But since I just threw it together, I didn’t write it down, and it’s been over a week, so I’ve already forgotten how much I used. But I’m certain I could recreate it.

That is, if I ever crave salad again.

Now, its a new season full of new flavors. Time to get back to writing after a long break from it.